The Cold War - 1960's - FROG
This website is the virtual home of the members of the 9th Engr. Bn. (C), several members of the 3rd Medical Detachment, some Special Services personnel, and their spouses and friends who served in Aschaffenburg, Federal Republic of Germany, in the mid-1960's.

It was a hot time in the Cold War - just before/during the build-up for Vietnam.  We saw our  challenge as being the front-line for democracy - and our personal challenges as growing into that role in our capacities as Army engineer officers, families, and support personnel.

We were close - we worked hard - and we spent much of our relaxation time with each other.

Through the years we have sought each other out  - not wanting those precious years, that precious time in our lives, to simply fade into the dust of history.  The first "re-union" occurred in 1966 at a motel in Kingsport, TN as some of our brothers prepared to leave CONUS enroute to the jungles and hardships of Vietnam.

Since then gatherings have been  held in a number of places - including Edisto Beach, SC; Rapid City SD; Vicksburg MS; Wrightsville Beach, NC; Chicago; Estes Park CO; Plymouth MA; and Singer Island FL .  Rumor has it that smaller gatherings have been held in Chicago and Indianapolis as well.

Many of us have shared experiences as our children grew to know each other at these gatherings.  It is important to us that they know  how dear we hold the relationships forged as young adults in trying times, and that they have that example to model in their own lives.

We have become corporate executives, business owners, middle-management, entrepreneurs, farmers, librarians, construction contractors, retired military, dental practitioners, consultants, District Engineers for the Army Corps of Engineers, and high-level civilian employees of the Corps.  Several of our number have spent time in the Middle East under contract to help re-build the infrastructure in Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq.  We are not legion, and we are not really very special, but we have made a proud contribution and left our mark on the world we live in.  Many of us have retired - and yet continue to serve our fellow travelers in this life - through civic or church-related volunteerism, Boy Scout leadership, and a myriad of other activities.  Some have launched second careers.   Some have been touched by illness and pain.  We are, after all, just human.

In the following pages you will see images of us as younger persons, and even more as we have matured into our present life-styles.  Enjoy the span of our lives pictured herein.  We have helped make America strong and prosperous, and we are proud of our contribution.

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