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The gathering...........

@ Plymouth Radisson

Walking to dinner at the Grill......................

Delicious food.......

and amazing pictures to share!

Some big tables..............................

..........................and some small.

Some special attire!

A cruise - on the Cape Cod Canal!

Awaiting  boarding instructions......

Aw, c'mon people --- cooperate!

  Next time, Bonnie - no big hats!!!  We lost Victoria!

Still waiting ......

Well, it USED to be an Osprey nest!


Local residents, and residences ........

Training vessel .......................

The Corps runs the canal .......

Lift bridge over the canal.

Road art along the recreation path adjacent to the canal.

Enjoying the ride.......

"In memory of U.S. Submariners  who are still on patrol ......"

Oh, look!  There is the Coast Guard station .....

Some hungry mariners ate lunch on the canal boat wharf ....

and then on to Camp Edwards for some of us ...........

Camp Edwards was home to the 26th Infantry Division for WW1 and WW2

Camp Edwards - Massachusetts - 1941 - A very different post now -
 (below) Now used for familiarizaton for troops heading to the Middle East

Reminder of previous Engineer unit posting to Edwards....


Essential training site ........

The modern Engineer Road Guard .......
wonder who made his "foundation" .........

Is there an Engineer in the house?

Marilyn - our gracious hostess for the evening meal ......

It appears Engineers still have a hard time mixing with people .......

A cabinet full of memories ........

Sorry!  It's the only picture I got!!  She was a gem -cooked all day ....Jim & Marilyn's wonderful daughter!

Here she is as a younger beauty!

Not quite a church supper!

Lovely home ........

Here are the reasons I'm going to perform our son's marriage ceremony!

It's OK, Walt - I can listen and eat at the same time!

Mmmmmm, mmmmmmmm, good!

Always with the mouth open - think she gets enough oxygen?

Black Dog?  A special contribution .......

One for each - just enough!

Forget the red jacket!   Just do the toast so we can drink!

Start of the Boston bus tour.......underground parking!

Waiting ........ what is this, the Army?

The bus!


And he really was the prize in the box (or bus)!


Fenway Park - home of the Boston Red Sox

Public Gardens....

Massachusetts State House (Capital)

Site of the "Boston Tea Party"  -- the one 230 yrs ago - not last week's!

Some took a Boston Harbor cruise (we're big on cruises?) - across the harbor to the Charlestown Navy Yard

Boston skyline from the harbor cruise boat...

USS 793 .....Cassin Young, a two stack Fletcher Class Destroyer
Named after Captain Cassin Young - awarded the Medal of Honor
for his heroism during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
Ship now part of National Park Service exhibit at
The Constitution site, Charlestown Navy Yard

USS Constitution - "Old Iron Sides" - oldest sailing ship still in commission

Entrance ...


Current synthetic vs. original hemp rigging material

The plank.....

On the lower Gun Deck

Main Deck guide - active duty seaman!

Main Deck guns ....

Very pretty wheel/helm and binnacle!

Hand pumps in case of fire, and to pump out the bilge.

Crew''s hammock hangings

The Ward Room

"Old Ironsides" is a poem written by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., on September 16, 1830, as a tribute to the eighteenth-century frigate USS Constitution. Thanks in part to the poem, she was saved from being decommissioned and is now the oldest commissioned ship in the world still afloat.

Aye tear her tattered ensign down
long has it waved on high,
And many an eye has danced to see
That banner in the sky;
Beneath it rung the battle shout,
And burst the cannon's roar;--
The meteor of the ocean air
Shall sweep the clouds no more.

Her deck, once red with heroes' blood,
Where knelt the vanquished foe,
When winds were hurrying o'er the flood,
And waves were white below,
No more shall feel the victor's tread,
Or know the conquered knee;--
The harpies of the shore shall pluck
The eagle of the sea!

Oh, better that her shattered hulk
Should sink beneath the wave;
Her thunders shook the mighty deep,
And there should be her grave;
Nail to the mast her holy flag,
Set every threadbare sail,
And give her to the god of storms,
The lightning and the gale!'


From Wikipedia

Exiting .....on starboard side!  I'm gettin' it!

Actually - Breed's Hill.....


Picto-rama (editor's coinage!) - showing front/left-center line of militia that initially
kept the Redcoats from flanking the patriots on Breed's Hill.
Eventually the British breeched this line and flanked the Breed's Hill position,
but the entire endeavor was extremely costly to British arms 50% casualties - a foretaste of things to come!

Colonel William Prescott - Officer of the Day/C.O.  - June 17, 1775!

Hmmmmmmmm!  Thrones?  In the colonies?

Freedom trail runs throughout Boston, linking historical sites

Below - the meeting hall - still in use!

Looking toward the rear ......

Looking toward the front

Charcoal sketch of Abraham Lincoln found behind old oil painting that was taken down for cleaning recently.

Did anyone actually get to the 4th floor museum?

Freedom Trail marker outside Fanieul Hall


You name it, they've got it!  What a food court!

A legal meeting .....

18th Century travel mode!

Ye Olde North Church
 - left-over set from National Treasure!

Sunday - visiting the Mayflower replica and Plymouth Rock

The Mayflower II was built in Devon, England ca 1956.  On April 20, 1957, recreating the original Mayflower voyage, it was sailed across the Atlantic under the command of Allan Villiers.  According to the ships' log, Mayflower II was towed up the East river into New York City on July 1, 1957.

The ship is 106 ft long by 25 ft wide.  It has a displacement of 236 tons.  It carries four masts (main, fore, mizzen and sprit) and six sails.

It's gotta be the Army - we're waiting again!

There's that hat!

Here we go!  Someone wake Steve up!

Native American dugout canoe

Portugese crew member

Poop to foc'sle

"The weather was very bad on this crossing ........people were sick ..."

"Yes - I have some room, but after all, I AM the captain!"

Capstan ......

Pilgrim's sleeping arrangements - ugh!

Long gun - 4 pounder - CAREFUL!

Gotta be some Newtonian principle behind this thing!

The Galley

The joystick is the helm!

A sampling of our Elutherian delights!

Moving 100 yds east to the Rock......the "minder" at the rock site relates that about half the rock has been hacked off/stolen by vandals.

On to Plimouth Plantation - just a few miles east of the Mayflower/Plymouth Rock wharf

The Entrance The Administration Bldg

First, the Native American village - Wampanoags

Who IS this guy?!

Steve - making water (not Falling Water!)

Bark dwellings

Burn-out canoe process

Communal living environment

And then on to the Pilgrim village at Plimouth Plantation


Circular wood pile

Thatched with reeds

Typical home interior

Any Master Gardeners here?

Typical home interior

Hmmm - let's see if I can trick this wench into the 21st Century!

A silent, feathered observer

Uphill to the block house/meeting house/worship center

Suit of armor on the wall

Looking downhill from the block house

Ray ......well, that's Ray!

Eating again - surf & turf - delicious!

Ray's son's home - venue for last event Sunday afternoon

Ray ........ Ray!

Great cap to a wonderful weekend - thanks to our hosts/hostesses!

Many, many thanks to our hosts - Ray and Elaine Gajewski, Jim and Marilyn Wagner!
Clicking on the link below will bring up Hals *.pdf pictorial essay on the weekend.  Ted's in some of those!
The *.pdf file takes a while to load......
2013 - PLYMOUTH REUNION/2013 HAL PIC REPT PDF/2013 Aburg Reunion pix Report Email.pdf